Welcome to Quantum Programming!

This site is dedicated to all projects that I am currently working on. My most recent project is qPSX, which I have only begun to work on. If you would like to help in the development of qPSX, the PSX emulator for dreamcast, please feel free to email me. I especially need some very good sh-4 coders, for optimization.

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-I am contacting Mark who is porting PCSX to the dreamcast, check it out here: www.pcsx.net
I am currently posting great console stuff I have for sale such as a bba adapter for the dc and a virtual boy system, it will be on this page: Console items for sale


-I now have a working dreamcast because I swapped out the gd-rom unit and I will continue development on qPSX if the dc community still really wants it.


- My dreamcast is crapping out (sometimes after running a certain amount of time the gd-rom stops working) and now the future development of qPSX has been compromised plus I have been very busy with work, so don't expect anything soon. Just know that I am still working on it.


-I appreciate all the emails telling me about what a great project qPSX is, but since I am getting many emails: please do not email me unless you are a good c/c++ programmer, know the psx very well, or the dreamcast for that matter, or you know sh-4 assembly. If you think you can help in any of these areas. Then please feel free to email me.


-Just to be clear, I have seen the need for a psx emulator for dreamcast, and I have just begun pondering on what is needed in this emulator. It is not a fake. I plan to spend a lot of time working on it. with MAME's permission, I would like to use their psx cpu core, and help work the bugs out for MAME. So I would like the people from the MAME project to allow me to use their cpu core, I will of course optimize it for the sh-4 processor.

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