Current Version Information (v0.55b DOS build):

- Complete emulation of the z80 processor (modified for the gameboy, of course)
- Graphics and Palette emulation
- Good gameboy memory emulation
- Compiled with DJGPP + Allegro
- runs many gameboy demos (and some gbc demos too)
- now runs some gameboy commercial roms
- joypad emulation w/ the keyboard

Future Versions:
- Perfect emulation of the gameboy main cpu (z80)
- Will run all commercial Gameboy and Game Boy Color games
- Sound Emulation
- future releases: either compiled with VC++ 6 and OpenGL or djgpp and Allegro

Go to the downloads page to download the latest build

FREEWARE roms which are emulated:
Wario Running

Commercial roms which are playable:
720 skateboarding
Black Bass
Double Dragon 1
Double Dragon 2
Dr. Mario
Final Fantasy Legend 1

Commercial roms with graphics errors:
Duck Tales 1
Duck Tales 2
Battle Toads Double Dragon

Commercial roms in which only the intro is played:
Pokemon Red

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